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Blog Hacked

Well I did expect some troll traffic once I started talking about Swissindo so it’s no surprise that this blog got hacked last night.

Stop dwelling in the past

My last post was a bit crunchy and I fell back into my old habit of complaining about crap that is not really necessary at this time. So I slapped myself up the back of the head and have to focus on what is happening NOW and not rant about crap in the past so much.

Live Techno Artist

It is ancient, but now its modern too. Its true essence is rhythm. It is found in all types of music, but in Techno, rhythm is the main focus. Rhythm asks you to move with it, simply allow it to take control and enjoy the feeling.

Spirituality of Techno

repetitive rhythm samples layered
and manipulated to form
emotionally unifying moments
to a gathering of people
who come to celebrate and share
for our purpose of communicating.

Techno Misunderstood

It is not a novelty style of music
that you will find on the latest music Top40 charts.

It cannot be known
by everyone
because it represents
a part of us that we often fear to

Why Techno

Music created
for the purpose of invoking trance.

A need to express
unity and balance
and a search for purpose.

Create your own reality

Create your own reality
thought IS force
reality can be bent.

What appears to be repetitive
reveals subtle complexity
when afforded detailed observation.

The Next Wave.

The journey continues as a new wave of technology and mixing techniques bursts onto the scene which provides musical creativity in a live sense that was never before possible. The next wave is about to break!

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