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Sound Surfing

OK, a sudden realisation has hit me this year after much soul searching. Maybe it was my mid-life crisis moment or just a culmination of 20 years of surfing sound waves.

Falling for Techno again!

All of a sudden, lately, I have been craving that proper Techno loopy noise that I first met 20 years ago. I am talking about that reiterative loopy madness that carries you away to wherever your mind wants to wander.

Why I use hardware to write Techno

Basically it comes down to playing the flow of Techno rather than constructing Techno in an interrupted, disjointed and separated mess. Each of my machines is an instrument that is played and jammed with just like any other instrument. I just can’t get that same feeling when sitting in front of a computer.

It’s all good folks…

I got over my DAW issues and we made friends again. I decided to stick with Reaper and walk out on Ableton. It’s not that I don’t like Ableton but it is too damned expensive for me to upgrade at this time and I don’t really need all the functions it has to offer anyway. I just need to create a live mixer for my machines and Reaper does this in it’s grass-roots kind of way. Reaper looks better as well.

All DAWs suck!!

What is it with all these DAWs? They all suck in some way, usually it is some sort of strange limitation or crappy interface and crazy workflow. But mostly all DAWs have a real problem with performance, they all crap out when you really don’t want them to, throwing glitches and weird issues talking to the audio interface at random times and in random ways.

Slate Digital

In the process of creating my latest set I stumbled across a real breakthrough process in tuning my final sound. I was made aware of the Slate Digital crew and their collection of plugins used for a variety of sound crafting processes.

Creating a new set

It’s a strange process that I go through to create a set or maybe I should call it a musical journal entry? I am always thinking about where to go next with music and the process sits with me constantly and I have noticed that it reaches a point of breakthrough and it all pours out of me quite quickly in the end.

iPad Music Creativity

I will move to the iPad for music creativity in 2017. I have not purchased any hardware machines for over 10 years now and it looks like I won’t be purchasing anything this year either.

Music Creativity iPad/iOS

I recently set myself the challenge to work out how I would use the iPad or iOS environment to create and play music Live.

Why I chose AUM over Ableton

Why did I choose to use AUM (Kymatica) on the iPad rather than Ableton on the MacBook? It all comes down to money and reliability.

Will write soon…

Music? Well music, Techno, is my passion for many of the reasons anyone is drawn into the musical creative process. It just is something I love to do. The whole process is so amazing, the discovery of sounds and even the sound engineering process satisfies me. So I will talk about this as well.

Interface Concept

This interface concept was configured with flexibility in mind. The intuitive nature of these machines allows for quick modification of sounds as well as infinite combinations of creative phrase construction.

The Next Wave.

The journey continues as a new wave of technology and mixing techniques bursts onto the scene which provides musical creativity in a live sense that was never before possible. The next wave is about to break!

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