Teaching the art of playing hardware machines like drum machines, samplers, synth as live instruments to support the evolution of electronic music.

Glen Wallis

Artist & Creative Mentor

Helping you forge your own artist path.

Artist Mentoring

Access the art of playing electronic music live with minimal complexity and complete reliability.

Artistic Expression

Teach and pass on concepts from a variety of electronic instruments, across a variety of electronic music genres.

Electronic Music

The fundamental idea behind Loop Surfing is to teach and pass on concepts that help realise and support the method of performing electronic music, from a variety of electronic instruments and across a variety of music genres in a unique and rapidly growing artistic expression.

The knowledge shared will include many aspects related to musical techniques and industry experience that has been gained from over 20 years experience in this field.

The outcome will provide an artist with an affordable and efficient way to access the art of playing electronic music on stage with minimal complexity and complete reliability.

  • Understanding the instrument interface
  • Setting up the instrument interface to suit artistic goals
  • Techniques for playing
  • Techniques for Sampling
  • Techniques for sound modelling (Synthesis)
  • Sound mixing interface and sound engineering
  • Understanding core technology such as cables, power supply, MIDI, USB, Firewire, Speakers
  • Tips and tricks for effective home studio setups

Artist Goals

Establishing artistic goals.


Instrument Interface

Understanding the unique instrument interface and setup required to suit artistic goals.


Artist Techniques

Understanding core techniques for playing, sampling and sound modelling.

Studio Advice

Tips and tricks for effective home studio setups.

The Electronic Musician

The most fundamental concept supporting Loop Surfing is based on musicianship that develops from playing a variety of electronic Instruments in the same way a musician plays a piano or a guitar.

Loop Surfing goes beyond playing just one instrument in a traditional sense due to the added array of sounds that may make up a single performance.

The electronic musician in this concept is more akin to a composer whereas elements that make up a single musical piece may contain rhythm, melody and even vocals from a wide range of sounds and instruments. In this way the musical result proposed is more like a composition.

The term Loop Surfing refers to a more specific method within the larger genre of electronic music that results in an improvised approach to the playback of these compositions.

This could be understood as a live remix of a composed piece die to the artist being in direct control of a variety of sounds and sound engineering elements that make up a particular piece.

Resources & Services

Glen Wallis, aka Holotropik, offers a variety of training resources and services that aim to pass on knowledge gained from over 20 years experience of playing experimental electronic music.

Focus in on the broader range of genres that come under a primary style that is best termed electronic music.

While specific tuition can be provided that can assist an upcoming artist begin a direction into a more specific genre, that is not the primary aim.

Lessons are focussed on creating a playing environment and developing methods and techniques that can be used by an artist to create a unique platform through which to present their music within the electronic music genre.

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