Loop Surfing.

Electronic music collective on the NSW Mid North Coast, mixing performance and learning to inspire musical explorations and loop surfing.


Come and be part of a crazy electronic music collective where you will see both stunning and bewildering musical performances as well as get hands on with some of the best electronic instruments available. A mix of performance and learning that will inspire your own musical explorations.

Electronic Music Collective

Loop Surfing is a group for performers and producers of electronic music based in Port Macquarie NSW Australia.

Loop Surfing is a variety of events that support the performance and knowledge sharing for all aspects and genres of electronic music.

Loop Surfing events include jam sessions, training and performances across all genres and formats.

Bring your synthesisers, drum machines, samplers or digital audio workstation (DAW) and let’s start something different!

The Next Event.

Loop Surfing presents…

2020 Events TBA

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