The Music.


Blending the sounds of our tribal past with the technology and musical techniques of the future in a way that connects the timeless line of communication through music.

Multidimensional Loop Surfing.

It’s all about the waves. Layers and layers of waves blending together in a vibration of life everywhere. Frequencies forming light and solid objects. Playing with these frequencies within the scope of electronic music covers a huge multi-layered frequency pathway that covers the electric current of the power running through all the equipment, through me and the sound waves that are produced.

If you think about it… that’s a nice rabbit hole to go down ;-)

Loop Surfing is a term I use to describe how I play electronic music (mainly Techno) using a variety of hardware drum machines, samplers and synthesisers. Playing with various layers of sounds to create a flow of energy like watching waves at a beach.

Tool Shed

The Tool Shed project was compiled by Holotropik.


The Kaossproject was compiled in 2 parts by Holotropik in 2004. It represents the 1st series of quests to understand the elements of rhythm. 

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