Sound Surfing.

“A sudden realisation has hit me this year after much soul searching”.

3 Jun 2018 | Music | 0 comments

Surfing Sound Waves.

OK, a sudden realisation has hit me this year after much soul searching. Maybe it was my mid-life crisis moment or just a culmination of 20 years of surfing sound waves.

Many different and seemingly unrelated threads converged on me to prompt me to look long and hard at what I am actually doing with my life. I guess we all have this moment at some point. I have spoken to other people and read plenty of stories about such a time in ones life but never realised how amazing it would actually be. It hit me out of the blue, suddenly and became this relentless current forcing me into a choke point where I felt I had to make a clear choice or face some sort of annihilation of my being.

Back in 1998 I found a sound that changed my life. It totally blew my mind and felt like I had been waiting for it my whole life up until that point but wasn’t consciously looking for it. A journey began for me that saved me and changed me and put me on a completely different path in my life. After this moment I was totally devoted to this sound. I had to dive into it, create with it, swim in it, explore it and live with it. Before I new it, a few years later, I was playing my first gig at a famous Australian venue and launching into a life long adventure that pushed me like nothing else I had ever experienced.

Now 20 years later I found myself crashed in a ditch on the side of the road, dazed and confused but still breathing. I am remembering why I chose this road and where it has taken me and why I have to pick myself up, dust myself off, climb back onto the road and keep walking.

Now begins the serious work and fun ;-) Stay tuned.


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