Spirituality of Techno.

“It asks a lot of you, it will change you.”

7 Aug 2004 | General | 0 comments

Pushing Consciousness.



Repetitive rhythm samples layered
and manipulated to form
emotionally unifying moments
to a gathering of people
who come to celebrate and share
for our purpose of communicating.

Propogating trance
through the medium of dance
promoting the release
of our chemical and electrical systems
that enacts healing.

Resurrecting memories
and transposing them as part of today
the re-uniting of individuals
that now sense themselves part
of the whole.

Supply the heartbeat
that brings the unification
that makes us remember
something we forgot to do.

It asks a lot of you
it will change you.



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The Next Wave.

The journey continues as a new wave of technology and mixing techniques bursts onto the scene which provides musical creativity in a live sense that was never before possible. The next wave is about to break!
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